PLS&TY Run Wild & Feeling Forever EP Remixes

After being introduced to PLS&TY I dove head first into his Run Wild & Feeling Forever EP Remixes. In their original forms, Run Wild and Feeling Free are unique tracks with tribal and East Asian influences, the EP expands the range giving the listener an even more diverse array of sounds to enjoy. For my favorites I choose Luca Lush’s Run Wild remix and for Feeling Forever, Bondax gets my vote. Peep them all and discover your favorites below.

PLS&TY Run Wild – Tribal beats combined with uplifting melodies

PLS&TY Feeling Forever – inspirations from Western Asian sounds. If you like Odesza, you’ll like this.

  • PLS&TY Feeling Forever (Vindata Remix) – An unexpected twist around 1:20 and a slight hip hop influence. “Like if a bunch of guys were hanging out in a bike shop and used whatever was around them to make a beat” – My roommate Ashley (She means that in the best way, promise).
    • P.S. Vindata worked on a track called “Favor,” with NSTASIA and the genius known as Skrillex. Very good tune.
  • PLS&TY Feeling Forever (Bondax Remix) – Leans in to the Western Asian influence of the intro. This is a lighter version than the original, with piano dabbled in.

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