Mahalo – Artist Highlight

If mermaids made dance music, it would sound like Mahalo. Which isn’t surprising considering he hails from Hawaii.

At 13 in his bedroom on his island home, Nick Jay started out producing remixes of the Fight Club rules and trance mashups. Later he found Hard Style and at 16 he started playing shows under the name DJ Nicotine. Shortly after that, Nick discovered a love for deep house and Mahalo was born.

Currently residing in LA, Mahalo produces mostly deep house sounds and performs at shows and festivals all over the country. When he’s not in the studio or touring, he spends time with his cat, Macy. (BTW his spirit animal would be a house cat… but mostly so he could live Macy’s pampered life.)

I discovered Mahalo through his most recent release “So Cold.” The beat hits the perfect blend of pop and deep house, hooking both mainstream and devoted genre fans. Originally released on Perfect Havoc, it later grabbed the attention of Armada Music, who re-released the track, helping it soar to the top of the charts. Eventually grabbing the ear of Spotify’s Austin Kramer, it was added to the legendary mint playlist. But Mahalo is so much more than “So Cold.” Some of my favorites are “Everything Goes Black” and “Rule of Thirds.”

Keep an eye out for the “So Cold” remixes on the horizon and brand new beats coming from Mahalo this November!

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