10 New Tunes – July ’18

These are the 10 tunes I’ve been jamming to fight off those post Electric Forest blues. Enjoy!

1. Dreamin’ – Seven LionsDreaming_SevenLions
Light, airy intros and trade mark full female vocals, so much of why we love Seven Lions. I’ve seen him twice, at Electric Zoo ’17 and again at EDC Las Vegas ’18, and both times he was phenomenal. He’s coming back to New York in November with Jason Ross and if their sets are anything list their b2b at ABGT 250 we are in for a treat!

2. Losing It – FisherLosingIt_Fisher
Ya kidding! This song is taking over the entire world and there’s a rumor going around that we fucking love it! Losing it is being picked up by DJs like Alison Wonderland, Jauz, and Lost Frequencies, and played everywhere from Marquee NY to Parookaville to Tomorrowland main stage (at least twice).  Fisher dropped this in his Schimanski and EDC Las Vegas ’18 b2b Chris Lake sets and I have been waiting with baited breath for him to release it. My heart breaks that I am missing his last New York show of 2018 but you should all go for me!

3. Killa Shit Funk (feat. G.L.A.M) – Black Caviar76B78A26-2063-46A0-86A7-12F92D153B53
What can I say, these two know how you hit the sweet spot with the drop. I had the pleasure of meeting Black Caviar before their The Knocks and Friends set and they are the sweetest. I have been obsessed with them since the first time I heard Coco. That sticky, sweet, dirty little beat was stuck in my head for months.

4. Disco Tits – KREAM Remix – Tove LoF2A77D92-84C3-4B39-B73A-BD9A95661932
Catchy disco/house tune with Tove Lo‘s signature edgy lyrics.



5. Hotel – Arty Remix – Kita Alexander3C5A2C5F-5B56-40CA-88A1-70E668EB7EBF
Moody tropical house feels.



9565D117-83BE-4C99-8EC2-8E09CD31BCFD6. Outside Of The Lines (feat. Laurell) – Boehm VIP Mix – Boehm
If Cash Cash and Galantis had a baby this is what it would sound like.



7. Hangin’ Out With Charlie – CamelPhatimg_0051
This song was on repeat for two days after I first heard it. That hook. The drop. Swirly af. CamelPhat can do no wrong.


8. Finest Hour (feat. Abir) – Cash Cash94959C3B-E8F4-4298-A33D-C6BF2C82C2BD
Good clean Cash Cash. Finally getting the chance to see these guys at Electric Zoo NY ’18 and I can’t wait!


9. The Solution – CamelPhatD9DE06CE-BB4C-4B06-8D48-A89BB7EF5BCF
This is THE track you need playing at your next sunrise set. These two are unstoppable.


10. DMT – CamelPhatD9DE06CE-BB4C-4B06-8D48-A89BB7EF5BCF
Just as good as the name would suggest. If you want more Camelphat, Panic Room is what you need. It has been on my morning playlist for months and it’s not coming off any time soon.


Want these songs in one place? All this goodness and more on my play list: dncwthme.

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