Album Review: Certain Kind of Magic – Rezz

Rezz beams us up to the outer reaches of space and down to the deepest parts of the sea with a whole new set of her signature dark, deep bass beats. Read on for my top tracks, track by track review, and a bit about Rezz live.

Top tracks:

  • Flying Octopus – So much down tempo moody goodness. Also the name. Lolz
  • Toxin – Issa mood and I love it. Also lyrics with Rezz? Yes please.

Track by track:

  1. Witching Hour– As the name would imply this song has all the witchy vibes we know and love Space Mom for. With a super creepy feel to it this song belongs on the Sharp Objects sound track.
  2. H E X – Rezz starts leading us in to some heavier beats leaning towards a spacey feel with some 80’s video game influence. The heavy bass drop at 2:35 is everything.
  3. Flying Octopus – The title of this song along with this down tempo beat brings my mind to murky, deep sea waters. Creatures with over sized eyes and body’s void of color lurk close by, just out of sight.
  4. Life & Death – I always love tracks with vocals and the static TV sample in the middle brings our media obsessed culture in to focus. Now excuse me while I spend the rest of my life watching Netflix while I pray for death… in the ironic millennial way of course.
  5. Spider On The Moon – Space Mom taking us outside the earth’s atmosphere with this track’s ethereal intro.
  6. Teleportal – More of a technological sound then most of the album. Love the eastern influenced melody at 1:48.
  7. The Crazy Ones – A trip in to the depths of the artist’s psyche or is it your own… do you think you can make it out alive?
  8. Toxin – YES! A true vocal track! So much of an early 2000’s emo vibe and my 8th grade self is thriving.

Rezz live:

I have seen Rezz four times, Mysteryland USA ‘16, Webster Hall (RIP) in May of ‘17, EDC Las Vegas ‘18 and Electric Forest ‘18, and I have to say that while the most memorable set was EDC, I was with one of my very best friends at our first EDC, the best one was at Webster Hall.

For those of you who don’t know, Webster was an amazing dive of a venue. Multiple floors with different styles on each and the floor in the main room bounced. No, I don’t mean it was soft and made you feel like you were walking on a cloud, I mean that when the crowd got going the entire floor felt like a trampoline about to break. Standing in the middle of that dance floor was a uniquely terrifying and exhilarating experience.

Anyway, I ended up at Webster alone that night. The friends I came with had back stage passes and wondered off. I always go back and forth about how I feel about going to shows alone. Sometimes it’s lonely, you see others with their friends making new memories and it can be hard knowing that you’re alone in the crowd. But other times, when the right song comes on, and bass line washes over you it can feel like everything fades away. You’re left at the mercy of the DJ with only gravity keeping you attached to reality. When Rezz dropped her mix of Eyes on Fire that is exactly how I felt. The song brings back memories from college and in that moment her dark bass sound only help to emphasize the nostalgia.

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