10 New Tunes – August ’18

I had the amazing opportunity to spend most of my August in Kenya and had plenty of time to jam out on long car rides to and from Masaai Mara, a nature reserve on the south western boarder of Kenya and Tanzania. Check out the 10 tunes that became the soundtrack of my trip. Scroll all the way down to see pictures from Safari.


img_0055-21. After Dark – Seven Lions and Blastoyz
These two coming together is a dream come true. Seven Lion’s emotional lyrics with Blastoyz signature psytrance delivers a dark and beautiful beat that either would struggle to expose on their own. A true perfect pair. Want to hear this live? Come dance with me at Seven Lion’s show in November.

img_0056-22. Toxin – Rezz
We all have that one person who seems to draw us back  and with this beat Rezz pulls perfectly at those memories. I got to party with the Space Mom twice this summer and her EDC set is one of my favorites from my ’18 festival season.
If you want more Rezz greatness check out my review of the album this beauty came off of, Certain Kind of Magic.

img_0057-13. Take You Down – Illenium
When releasing this track Illenium gave fans an unfiltered look in to his life with a statement on his battle with addiction. 

img_0058-14. Take It – Dom Dolla
This house beat hits the spot. With it’s classic bass line and sticky lyrics, I find myself fighting the urge to dance every time it comes on.



img_0059-15. Apparitions – Robert Oaks
Robert Oaks pleases the ear with this bass heavy, psychedelic, deep house track. No need for lyrics on this one. You’re placed right in the head space he means you to be with beats alone.


img_0060-16. Sweat – Mr. Tape
If you like Take It and Apparitions you’ll love this track. I was clearly on a bass house kick this month.



img_0061-17. Higher Ground – Odesza Flight Facilities Remix
Flight Facilities remix of Higher Ground brings me to a place of lightness and reflection. Odesza will always remind me of a friend I used to have. We were nothing short of a dream team for two amazing years. Eventually things changed but the memories are, much like the feel of this song, lovely, beautiful, and fleeting.

img_0062-18. Turn off the Lights – Chris LakeCages Remix
I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Lake play twice this year, EDC Las Vegas b2b Fisher and Electric Forest, and he dropped this both times. Love love love Cages spin on it. This beat brings on feels of nights spent with men whose bodies were known better than their minds and the sweet satisfaction of that knowledge.

img_0063-19. Spaceship – Galantis
We’ve been waiting for Galantis to drop new music since they released The Aviary and they do not disappoint with this track. Classic Galantis upbeat love song that speaks those new crush feels.


img_0064-110. Sing Me to Sleep – LUZCID
This track takes your mind to an ethereal plain. Everything around you impermanent and inconsequential. The perfect song to listen to at the end of a long day or a moment when you just need to disconnect.

Want more goodness follow the full playlist…dncwthme

Masaai Mara National Reserve, Kenya:


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